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Reduce costs and accelerate business with intelligent document processing and automation


of AIIM members grade their organizations' efforts to digitize as either 'poor' or 'needs improvement'


OpenTextâ„¢ Intelligent Capture uses machine learning and AI to automate manual content processes, such as accounts payable, back-file conversion and onboarding, and transform paper and digital content into actionable data. Organizations can securely and efficiently route information to the right users and systems, ensuring accurate information is available when and where it is needed.

Why choose OpenText Intelligent

Automatically routed information

Optimize process initiation time with a simple-to-use workflow that maps documents and data to leading systems without complex system integrations.

Multiple recognition technologies

Identify document types and analyze text to understand context and employ efficient processes with a multi-engine approach that ensures documents and data are ready for use.

Continuous machine learning

Improve accuracy and reduce maintenance costs using patented, continuous machine learning technology.

Continuous machine learning

Improve accuracy and reduce maintenance costs using patented, continuous machine learning technology.

How Intelligent Capture can benefit business

Discover the advantages of using Intelligent Capture.


Unify omnichannel capture across departments and locations

Scale capture and shared services to support organization-wide content by automatically extracting information that arrives as paper, email attachments, PDFs and more.


Boost employee productivity

Use intelligent document processing so employees can focus on higher-value activities, such as human-in-the-loop validation to accelerate machine learning and automation.


Enrich customer and employee experiences

Leverage optimized workflows to act upon newly discovered customer insights and understanding by integrating text analytics, such as sentiment and tone, automatically into post-capture processes.


Simplify compliance and document access

Strengthen information governance by automatically classifying and filing documents based on metadata extracted from semi-structured and unstructured content.


Intelligent document classification

Automatically identifies documents based on multiple, patented classification technologies that combine text and graphical methods to deliver higher accuracy and faster performance than would be possible using only a single technology.

Intelligent data extraction and validation

Improves the accuracy of information delivered to other business systems by leveraging built-in OCR, machine learning and integrations with third-party recognition engines that help optimize OCR accuracy across more than 120 languages and locales.

Flexible deployment

Manages capture operations with a scalable platform that offers deployment choices, such as on-premises, as embedded microservices or in a private or hybrid cloud environment hosted by OpenText, Google Cloud, AWS or Microsoft Azure.

Configurable capture workflows

Enables designing workflows, without scripting, to include advanced rules to meet business requirements. Uses CaptureFlow Designer to configure document priorities and routes without coding or complex system integrations.

Integrated AI and machine learning

Improves accuracy and process automation with AI and machine learning capabilities that automatically recognize new documents and quickly process business content.

Securely deployed hybrid and distributed captures

Ensures data is encrypted both at rest and in-flight between connected systems, whether in the same data center, distributed or in the cloud.

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